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Commercial Pest Control In Tucson, AZ

Exceptional Commercial Pest Control Results In Tucson, AZ

Businesses need every component working together properly to generate success. When things fall out of control, like when a pest invasion occurs, you end up with dissatisfied employees, upset customers, bad reviews, and possible code violations. At Preventative Pest Control, we know that can't be allowed to continue. That's why we offer customized commercial pest control plans designed to keep everything running smoothly for Tucson business owners, so you can focus on what matters most.

Our Commercial Pest Control Offerings

When you partner with our technicians, you establish a partnership based on understanding your unique pest situation to get the solution that delivers the results you need.

We center our entire approach on Integrated Pest Management (IPM) principles, which we use to eliminate your pest problem today while laying the groundwork for a pest-free future for your business.

With that in mind, we do have a general approach we use that always begins with the phone call and inspection. We determine what kind of activity you're seeing and the type of service you may need during the phone call.

After the phone call, we inspect the premises for ourselves to get the complete picture. We perform the inspection on both the exterior and the interior of your building. On the outside, we look for entry points such as windows, eaves, and doorways.

Inside your building, we'll check for moisture and conducive conditions in addition to potential entry points. Once the inspection is complete, we go over our findings with you and get to work.

We'll customize our plan during the initial treatment based on what you need and your type of business. As necessary, we treat with liquid inside and perform a liquid and granular treatment outside if required. During this step, we also utilize rodent stations and monitor for other types of pests.

In general, we perform ongoing commercial service visits every month but will continue to evaluate your needs and adjust accordingly.

Facilities We Service


With food and drink being part of the scene in a bar or a restaurant, you can't afford pest infestations to contaminate your supply or cause code violations. At Preventative Pest Control, we eliminate your pest problems quickly and effectively, so you can keep everyone happy.

Dentist Offices

Pests threaten the health of your patients and employees, as well as the effectiveness of your equipment. With Preventative Pest Control, you don't need to worry about pest infestations anymore so that you can focus on the patients instead.

Apartment Complexes

Tenants expect a pest-free apartment and won't stick around if an ongoing pest problem is not quickly handled. Partner with our team to keep your tenants happy today and in the future.


Your students and their parents need and expect a pest-free school. By partnering with us, you ensure there's one less concern for you to handle.

Nursing Homes

The elderly are especially susceptible to the dangers caused by pests. Don't let their health or well-being become a concern by partnering with our technicians to keep everyone safe and cared for.


Young children and toddlers are vulnerable to the health threats pests pose, which is why it's a great idea to sign up for monthly services that ensure you never have to worry about the children in your care again.

Why Choose Preventative Pest Control?

At Preventative Pest Control, we strive to deliver the best results possible, which we accomplish every single time. We owe our success to our commitment to the principles of our IPM methods, but more importantly, our commitment to maintaining the kind of peace a pest-free property brings to our clients.

Learn how our team can effectively eliminate pests from your Tucson, AZ home.

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