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Why Are There Beetles In My Tuscon Pantry?

January 15, 2022 - Pantry Pests

There are many kinds of pantry pest beetles that could be squatting in your cabinets and ruining your food. While they’re not usually a health hazard, they’re pretty gross to have around and can be a major source of frustration if you’re having to throw out whole packages of food because they are filled with larvae. Unfortunately, these pests can come into your Tuscon home in a variety of ways that may seem out of your control, but there are ways to prevent and control an infestation. Keep reading to learn about the different types of pantry pest beetles, how to do your own pantry pest control, and how to get rid of pantry pests if prevention doesn’t work.

How Do You Identify Pantry Pests?

Pantry pest beetles in Tuscon are sometimes difficult to tell apart. Because they look like a typical brown beetle, it can be hard to see the minute differences. Unfortunately, there are several types of pantry pest beetles to be aware of, including the cigarette beetle, the drug store beetle, and the flour beetle.

The cigarette beetle and the drugstore beetle look very similar. The Cigarette beetle is hunched as if its head and body are unsegmented. It is wider than the drugstore beetle and covered in fine hairs. It has short, serrated antennae. The drugstore beetle has more of a distinct separation between its head and body, club-like antennae, and its back is covered in lines of pits.

Flour beetles, either the red or confused flour beetle, are more segmented than either of the previous types. With a long abdomen, their heads and thoraxes are in one piece. The red flower beetle is a reddish-brown color with segmented, club-like antennae. The confused flower beetle is the same color with longer antennae and a straighter thorax.

How To Prevent Pantry Pests

These nuisance pests are unfortunately hard to detect. The most common ways they infiltrate homes are through pre-infested grocery store packaging, though an adult can get inside through traditional methods of crawling through a gap and then laying eggs. Despite this, there are means of prevention that can nip an infestation in the bud and make your home unappealing to invaders. For pantry pest prevention, try these home pest control techniques:

  • Make sure to dispose of expired food regularly.
  • Store food in glass or metal containers that seal.
  • Check food packaging for lumps or holes in the packaging before purchase.
  • Seal holes around the home with silicone-based caulk.
  • Make sure doors and windows completely seal and have tear-free screens.
  • Clean up food spills immediately, vacuum, and sanitize regularly.

How To Get Rid Of Pantry Pests: Preventative Pest Control

Pantry pest control is most effective through prevention. Unfortunately, at-home pest control products can be dangerous and ineffective, especially since pantry pests can spread to far corners of the home. Some pantry pest control products like pheromone traps can be effective in determining if you have an infestation, but beyond that and clearing your pantry of infested food, there’s not much else you can do. 

If you have an active pantry pest infestation, don’t rely on at-home pest control products or pantry pest control products to get rid of the entire population. Home pest control through Preventative Pest Control is the most reliable and effective way to eliminate an infestation and protect your home from invaders. Since 2000, we’ve been protecting this community with Integrated Pest Management techniques that keep your home safe long after treatment. For long-term and immediate pest relief, call Preventative Pest Control.

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