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Tucson Arizona's Secret To Effective Flea & Tick Control

February 15, 2022 - Ticks

Parasitic pests like fleas and ticks aren't just a problem for pets and wildlife. Humans can be targeted by both, and unchecked populations on and around your Tucson property can lead to serious health concerns for both you and your furry friends.

How To Tell Fleas From Ticks

Both fleas and ticks are parasites that feed off the blood of the animals and people they latch onto. While they share this trait, they don't even share a species. Fleas are insects, while ticks are arachnids, more closely related to spiders than other kinds of bugs you find around your property. However, both are incredibly small and hard to spot if you don't know what you're looking for. So, in the interest of correctly identifying potential pests, these are the key traits for both:

  • Shape: Fleas are weirdly shaped, oblong insects with legs tucked up under their bodies. Ticks, on the other hand, have legs that splay around them, much the same as spiders.
  • Legs: Speaking of their legs, ticks, as arachnids, have eight as opposed to the six of fleas. Keep in mind, we're talking about tiny appendages on tiny pests, so counting legs isn't a really good use of your time when it comes to addressing pest problems.
  • Markings: Fleas are uniformly reddish-brown, while ticks often have markings that differentiate based on species and gender.

Problems Associated With Fleas And Ticks

Now, the most important thing to understand about both fleas and ticks is that you don't want to encounter either of them. They are incredibly hard to spot, so trying to make out tiny physical variations is better left to experts who know what to look for. Instead, you should heed the following information about the serious problems parasites can cause:

  • Bites: Both ticks and fleas leave itchy marks on the skin, which can add up and cause extreme discomfort.
  • Disease: They are also known to spread diseases, most notably Lyme Disease from ticks and typhus from fleas.
  • Side effects: Not only can these illnesses lead to symptoms like fever and rash, but the bites and feeding habits of parasites themselves can also lead to loss of sleep.

Prevention For Your Property & Protection For Your Skin

Now, not only do you need to make sure you're addressing parasite populations around your property, but you also need to make sure you're taking precautions when you or your loved ones are spending time outdoors. Here are important tips to remember for each scenario:

How To Protect Your Property From Fleas & Ticks 

Here are some helpful ways to protect your property:

  • Inspections: Whenever you or your loved ones go out into the yard, especially during peak pest seasons in spring and summer, you should thoroughly inspect hair, skin, and clothing for signs of parasites before re-entering the home. This will help prevent tracking in fleas and ticks directly.
  • Landscaping: Both fleas and ticks like to wait on tall grasses or overgrown shrubs for people and animals to pass by. They then cling to us and wait for moments to feed on our skin. This is why a well-trimmed yard can help protect you.
  • Wildlife: Both kinds of parasites can also be tracked onto your property by larger wildlife like deer and raccoons. That's why general pest control is necessary to truly protect against smaller ones.

How To Protect Yourself From Fleas And Ticks

Here are some helpful ways to protect yourself from fleas and ticks: 

  • Cover: When going outside, especially while hiking or playing in grassy and woody areas, you should wear garments that cover your arms and legs. This will help protect you from immediate bites, though it's still important to make sure to still check for ticks within the folds of clothing before entering your vehicle or home again.
  • Avoidance: By choosing less overgrown paths or fields for your outdoor recreation, you can avoid the areas where fleas and ticks like to gather.
  • Treatments: You can also treat your clothes and skin with sprays or oils that will ward off parasitic pests. Keep in mind that these are rarely foolproof and always temporary.

Though you can do everything possible to treat your property and yourself to avoid fleas and ticks, you still may find yourself dealing with a pest problem in your Tucson home. In the end, it's best to partner with a professional. 

Flea And Tick Control From The Professionals At Preventative Pest Control

If fleas or ticks have already struck your property, you should act fast to clamp down on the population before it grows out of control. The only way to do that is with help from experts like the trained pest control professionals at Preventative Pest Control. We can not only get rid of existing pest populations on your property, we can help you with more tips for how to spot the early signs and avoid tracking them back with you. Let us get started on an inspection today so you can rest easy knowing that parasitic pests aren't lurking in your yard. For true protection from biting pests and the health hazards they can cause, contact Preventative Pest Control today.

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