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How To Keep Scorpions Away From Your Tucson, AZ Property

March 15, 2021 - Scorpions

They may not necessarily have caused you grief before, but all it takes is a single bite from this insect to completely alter the state of your health. Scorpions are some of the most secretive pests in the southern half of the United States. While you may not have personally seen them wandering around your area, these creatures are particularly fond of dry, arid spaces and high seasonal temperatures. Striped bark scorpions, some of the most common species in Tucson, AZ can be found hiding under rocks, tree bark, play equipment, and various detritus. They rarely come near homes without a reason – typically to feed on nearby pests that may be infesting the yard.

There are several species of scorpion found in the Tucson area, many of them oblivious to human activity. The majority of scorpion stings resemble those of bees and usually cause no more swelling than that of a wasp. These are rarely fatal, although they are extremely painful. Victims who are allergic to scorpion venom may experience severe reactions, including difficulty breathing and anaphylactic shock. Unfortunately, there are far more dangerous situations involving scorpions. Certain Arizona species may be extremely harmful to human health, including the Arizona bark scorpion. Stings from these venomous pests may require hospitalization and medical treatment. If scorpions are anywhere near your home or commercial property, you must seek professional treatment and control from Preventative Pest Control right away.

Scorpion Prevention Tips For Tucson Home And Business Owners

Although scorpions are not the most dangerous of outdoor pests, their presence can still be extremely unsettling and upsetting to Tucson property owners. Prevention is perhaps the number one way to keep scorpion populations from entering the yard, although it must be done regularly to ensure the total security of your yard. The following scorpion prevention tips should help Tucson property owners remove factors that attract pests or harbor them around the lawn:

  • Address other pests that could be serving as scorpion prey. These can be identified by Preventative Pest Control and treated on a monthly or bi-monthly basis.
  • Follow all best practices for general pest control. Keep all food items stored in strong plastic bins. Reduce pest exposure to garbage by storing trash inside plastic bags and appropriate containers. Finally, keep the home well cleaned by sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming often.
  • Resolve moisture issues both inside and outside the house. Remove unnecessary standing water sources such as potholes, dips, or flowerpots. Install a dehumidifier in chronic areas of the house, or hang desiccant bags around kitchens, bathrooms, or pantries.
  • Have your home regularly treated against scorpion species and pest prey.

An underlying pest infestation may be the most dangerous threat to your home following a scorpion issue. To identify the root of your underlying pest concerns, schedule a helpful scorpion inspection from the professionals at Preventative Pest Control today.

Why Preventative Pest Control Has What It Takes To Save The Day

Suffering from the effects of scorpion infestations creates stress and unwanted anxiety for homeowners all over Arizona state. Instead of using ineffective DIY (do it yourself) efforts or home remedies, rely on the trusted professionals at Preventative Pest Control for all your scorpion prevention, protection, and elimination needs. We work tirelessly to serve homeowners by:

  • Completing thorough inspections of the home and business property.
  • Creating a customized blueprint of treatment and protection by working directly with your needs in mind.
  • Establishing a routine of follow-up visits that ensure your scorpion problems are long gone.

For localized pest prevention that outdoes all the competition, reach out to Preventative Pest Control for home pest control advice, assistance, and more. We’re looking forward to serving you with the best scorpion protections possible.

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