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How Bad Is It To Have Fire Ants On My Tucson Property?

May 14, 2021 - Ants

Have you ever walked through an area where there was broken glass on the ground or something else that might hurt your feet if you were not careful? How did you respond to the situation? Even better question, what would you do if something made walking across your own yard dangerous? This is exactly the problem fire ants bring to area properties. If you are curious to know the dangers that fire ants pose and the reason they invade lawns here in Tucson, here are some things to consider.

Where Do Fire Ants Live?

Fire ants are one of the few species of ants in our area that do not regularly invade homes but prefer to live and scavenge for food outdoors. The only time these pests look for ways to get indoors is when conditions outside are unfavorable to their survival. Expect fire ants to try to invade your living areas during times of extreme heat, cold, or abnormally rainy or stormy weather. 

You are most likely to find a nest of fire ants on your property. More specifically, colonies are built around dry areas with lots of direct sunlight. To identify a nest in your yard, look for small mounds covered with small, red ants. One thing that sets fire ant mounds apart is their lack of a central entrance hole. To get into these nests, fire ants enter through small, concealed, underground tunnels located around the base of the hill.

The Danger Of Fire Ants

Quick question: Do fire ants bite, or do they sting? Many people do not know this, but these pests do both. If you step too close to one of their colonies, they will crawl up your body to areas of exposed skin and sting and bite until their aggressor flees. A common reaction from a fire ant sting involves reddening around the affected area, an itching sensation, and a burning pain. If you are allergic to insect venom, an attack from these pests could be life-threatening. To understand your risk, consult with your doctor.

How To Make Your Property Less Attractive To Fire Ants

Fire ants choose properties based on what they can find on them. To make sure your yard and home are not attracting these painful and annoying pests, here are a few basic prevention tips you should try.

  • Make sure your trash cans are equipped with tight-fitting lids.
  • Clean up your yard thoroughly, making sure to pick up dropped fruits, berries, and left-out food/beverages.
  • Keep your grass and hedges trimmed.
  • Use a caulking gun or some liquid cement to fill in holes, gaps, and cracks in your home’s exterior foundation.
  • Address damage to window/door screens.
  • Make sure your weatherstripping and door sweeps are in good working order.
  • Rake away organic debris to create a two-foot diameter around your home’s exterior. 

A More Reliable Solution To Fire Ant Problems

Your best option to keep fire ants off your Tucson property is to get help from a professional pest control provider. The question is, whom can you trust to get the job done right? The experts at Preventative Pest Control, that’s who. Our team is highly trained and equipped with only the most advanced pest elimination technologies. We will remove fire ants from your property and create a lasting barrier around your property to keep these pests away in the future.

Call our team today to find out more about our comprehensive service plans and discover a solution that will keep pesky pests like fire ants off your Tucson property. 

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